Subclass 132

The Business Talent (permanent) Visa

The subclass 132 is a lesser-known investor visa option to Australia. The great advantage to this visa is that it provides permanent residency at the outset, then requires the visa holder to make an investment within a certain period of time after arriving in Australia. This visa has two streams: the Significant Business History stream, and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream. As applications for the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream are so rare, we encourage you to contact us if you have questions on this stream.

Significant Business History Stream

The business talent visa is designed for applicants that have an overall successful business history and are under 55 years of age. Applicants must show that:

  • They have a significant amount of assets in a qualifying business.
  • Net business and personal assets worth at least $1.5 million that can be transferred to Australia.
  • An annual turnover of at least $3 million in one or more of their main businesses.

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