190 Skilled Nominated Visa

The subclass 190 Skilled-Nominated visa is the state-sponsored version of the subclass 189, where there is expectation of successful visa applicants to commit to a period of time working in the state that nominated them. This visa requires that aspiring migrants meet the ‘points test’ requirement (obtaining a total of 60 points), are nominated by a state or territory in Australia, obtain relevant skills / qualifications assessments and hold requisite experience / qualifications in an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). Our process in assisting clients with this can be broken down into 2 main segments:

Skills Assessment & Expression of Intetrest

In order to satisfy visa requirements, the main applicant must have obtained a positive skills assessment result from the relevant assessing authority. Global Enterprises Group will assist with this process, at the same time as preparing the applicant’s Expression of Interest (or, “EOI”).

It is important to note that all supporting evidence for points claimed in the EOI process should be at-hand before making a final lodgment of the EOI.

Letter of Invitation & Visa Application Process

If your points have satisfied the immigration department’s requirements, you should, with time, receive a ‘Letter of Invitation’ from the Minister to apply for the visa. Until this point, no visa has actually been lodged.

Global Enterprises Group will assist you in preparing and lodging your visa application and managing the communications process with the department of immigration until the final decision on your case.

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