Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482)

Service process

Stage 1 – Apply To Become An Approved Business Sponsor

To successfully get through this stage you will need to confirm some information on the business. We can take the information over the phone or via email to establish your eligibility. Information will include:

Business structure (I.e. Pty, Sole Trader etc)

  • Legal name
  • ABN, ACN
  • Date of commencement of trade
  • Recent financial year’s turnover, info on how many on current payroll – expats vs. locals etc
  • Gross payroll $

Stage 2 – Nominate The Position

This is where LH Global makes a business case on your behalf to the Department of Home Affairs to confirm that your business can sponsor. Some questions you may wish to ask yourself on this are:

  • How did you find the people you are looking to sponsor – was it through a Seek ad, or some method of advertising?
  • Were you unable to find anyone local with the same skill set? If so, what is your evidence that you have tried? This is known as labour market testing (LMT). From the 1st July 2013 Home Affairs have been putting more focus on the genuineness of the position to ensure that the nomination position has not been created solely for assisting someone to obtain a visa. Information on why the position is necessary to the business is something that employers will need to think more about. Is it due to attrition? Is it due to more contracts being picked up by the company?
  • Are you looking to pay a salary equal to, or more than $53,900 per year for the positions? Also have you ensured that the rate you are paying is in-line with the market rate? Market rate is a key element to the 482 system, and ensures that you have benchmarked your 482 visa nominee’s salary against a local employee in the same position or some other form of benchmarking (including job boards, salary surveys such as the Robert Walters survey etc).

Stage 3 – The Applicant Applies For The Visa

This is where we obtain all the required information from the applicants to ensure they meet the criteria for the visa –I.e. No criminal record, degrees, work experience etc. So what this process will require from you:

  • Assistance to LH Global in providing the information required for the above steps
  • If the client prefers, LH Global can engage directly with the visa applicant in order to obtain all of the relevant information required for the visa application.

For more information on this visa, please contact us, or see the appropriate page on the website of the Department of Home Affairs here

Standard Business Sponsorship Application

For businesses that are applying for a business to be approved to sponsor foreign skilled workers under the 482 scheme, they need to first be approved as a ‘standard business sponsor’ or possess a labour agreement. LH Global works together with the business to ensure eligibility, gather all appropriate documentation, prepare and lodge the application for approval as a standard business sponsor with the Department of Home Affairs.

Compliance And Audit Preparation Services

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection often conducts audits on standard business sponsors and employers to ensure they are meeting their obligations. LH Global can assist employers in maintaining their compliance in areas such as; market rates for employees, appropriate annual training expenditure and cessation notices. We can also assist those who have been visited by the department or for those who have received a NOITA (notice of intention to take action) from the department.

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