In the competitive business world where human resource talent determines success or failure, national borders should not be the constraint. LH Global's Recruitment services are structured to overcome the artificial barrier of borders. We are a recruitment firm that focuses on securing the best international talent for our customers anywhere.

Australian Domestic Recruitment

We assist Australian businesses secure experienced talent from the local, domestic workforce. With a focus on identifying and attracting high performing talent in the ‘passive’ candidate pool, we seek to ensure that our clients are selecting from the best available in the market, not just the active job seekers.

Our pro-active approach to securing only the best candidates makes us an invaluable partner for your business’ talent acquisition strategy.

International Recruitment

LH Global’s International Recruitment services offer a talent acquisition solution for those businesses with niche international recruitment requirements.

Specialist Offerings:

  • International sourcing of high demand low supply professionals.
  • Project specific professional teams.
  • Seasoned international executives for international assignments.
  • China based ‘C’ suite executive recruitment.
  • China based white and blue collar permanent and contract staffing.

(Our in- house migration services firm ensures the international candidate will meet Australian immigration law requirements for employer-sponsorship before being recommended.)

For Candidates

LH Global’s recruitment team only presents your candidacy before genuine employers with genuine opportunities that suit your needs and passions.

We work with employers domestically and internationally to provide them with quality candidates, so please make sure you click below to keep up to date with opportunities.


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