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Travel the United Kingdom

Thousand year-old castles and centuries old manors. Countless collections and endless history. Famous football clubs, beautiful coastline, amazing botanical gardens… If you’d love to visit the UK but don’t know where to start, let LH Global help you fulfil your dream. Start your unforgettable journey here.

A solo trip, immersed in the tangible history of London, feeling the various cultures which comprise this small but diverse country. Whether it be a couple’s getaway or a group trip, listening to a debate between students in Oxford, seeking Giant’s Causeway along the coastline of Northern Ireland with your good friends, or calling up your besties to join a wine tasting in Devon before enjoying a well-deserved spa… Pick merely one reason to come to the UK and you will be rewarded with a myriad reasons to come back again.

Travel the United Kingdom

7 Days | London and surrounding area tour

Explore the world famous centre of economy and culture. Meanwhile, visit Oxford and Cambridge to feel the oldest educational culture in the world.

8 Days | England classic tour

On top of visiting London, Cambridge and Oxford, you will experience ancient Roman culture in Bath, explore the unsolved mystery of Stonehenge and absorb England’s unique countryside culture in the rolling Cotswolds.

12 Days | England deep experience tour

Explore the whole of England, understand her changes and evolution over thousands of years, learn what made the UK become one of the most influential countries in the history of the world

15 Days | England & Scotland tour

After exploring England, we’ll dive deeper into Scotland to experience its own uniquely different culture and awe-inspiring natural highland views.

Family Tour

Enjoy a private capsule on the London eye, visit the world-famous Oxbridge universities. Teachers from famous colleges and education experts will share with you their priceless experience of UK education with the rare and intimate opportunity for one-to-one sessions. In the meantime, activities such as pottery-making, wild-survival, authentic farm experiences and local traditional activities like clay shooting, parachuting and much more will bring life-long bonding memories for the whole family.

Ladies’ Trip

Take a break from tiring work, seemingly endless routine jobs and the boredom of day-to-day life and set sail on an unforgettable UK trip with your best friends. We’ll wander along the streets of London, daintily sip traditional afternoon tea, fine-dine aboard a cruise on the meandering river Thames, recharge our batteries at a relaxing Roman Spa in Bath and visit a functioning lavender farm and vineyard.

UK self-driving with four-wheel-drive vehicles

You will navigate your path through the rugged Scottish highlands, catch the last of the sun’s rays warming Edinburgh’s gothic spires, wind your way down the spine of England just to steal a glimpse of the ancient amphitheatre at Land’s end. Rest a night in a sleepy rural town, then set forth on your amazing self-driving adventure.

Study Tours

LH Global is a well-known name in the British study tour service sector. Boasting strong relationships with every manner of study centre, university and independent school nationwide, we deliver access to professional courses (such as English language, elite academic entrance preparation, business, the arts, dance, football, shooting and more) for students and adults of all ages, nationalities and interests. Students choosing LH Global’s academic services experience a diverse and authentic British education.

Specific Themed Trips for VIP Clients

We provide safe and discreet trips across Europe for celebrities.
Specific trip services, such as wedding photography, honeymoon and anniversary trips, close protection and more. Bespoke is our speciality.

UK/European Visiting Groups

Whether it be a high-level visit between governments or an exchange and cooperation among enterprises; we deliver a professional service including transport, hotel bookings and itinerary design.

Why choose us?

With a wide choice of award winning 'ready to go' trips yet expertise in bringing your own unique dreams to life, read about what makes us unique

Abundant tourism resources and programmes

LH Global (UK) is situated in the heart of London; we have direct access to original travel resources and maintain a great level of control of the quality of each tourism service, such as luxury cars, Mandarin/Cantonese speaking guides/drivers, child-minder service and much more.

Professional Team

Our UK Tourism Manager Megan Zhang graduated from the prestigious university of Birmingham with a Master degree. She was previously a senior tour operator with years of experience in tour design and guiding. Megan most recently ran her own successful tour business before joining the LH Global team.

Megan has experience operating travel groups of more than 50 students as well as VIP family group and business tours. Under her leadership, LH Global is devoted to providing brilliant British experiences for each one of our distinguished clients.

Personalized and comprehensive service

The only limitation of LH Global is your imagination. Share with us as little as a mere spark of an idea and we will present you with your perfect customised itinerary, sprinkled with more surprises than you had ever imagined. Don’t worry about airport pickup or where to spend a day shopping, we will deliver the best bespoke service to match your desires.

Successful cases

From internationally acclaimed celebrities to scholars looking to advance their studies in the UK - see why our clients trust LH Global to show them the UK

Leading entrepreneur in Hebei Province Ms Yang and her family VIP high-end bespoke programme Finland+ UK 15 days: luxury Trip

VIP Clients from Shenzhen VIP high-end bespoke programme 8 Days: England and Scotland Trip

UK specific service for Celebrities: Star basketball player—Jianlian Yi

One Week UK Trip for the CEO of a large multinational corporation. VIP High-end bespoke travel—Experience a British noble sport -Clay shooting

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