Another day at DIAC

You know something is wrong when you are in line to lodge an application for a client at Immigration and when people think you look like an agent their eyes light up and they begin drilling you for information.

You know that something is even MORE wrong when their ticket gets called, you say goodbye and AFTER they have spoken to the Immigration staff member (which sometimes more closely resembles being shouted at across the counter) they come back and continue asking you questions. It makes one wonder, why didn’t you ask the Immigration staffer when you were talking to them?? This just happened in this afternoon’s visit to DIAC.

There is an interesting dynamic that happens in the DIAC office. People going in smiling often come out frowning, and information given to applicants can often be arrogant and totally lacking in any sort of compassion.

Saying this, you always get that little ray of hope when you find someone in there genuinely cares and goes out of their way to assist their clients. I suppose I shouldn’t be negative about this – people who don’t want to go themselves to DIAC and pay professionals to deal with it for them – contact us now!

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