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Aus-Sino Consulting

Global Enterprises Group has extensive experience in servicing B2B clients wanting to do business between Australia and China. Our focus on our client’s mandate and objectives ensures we always have the client’s interest at heart. Examples of services we can provide for our clients when dealing between Australia and China:

All of our work for clients is done in the highest of professionalism, with mandates split into milestones for accountability and predictability. At Global Enterprises Group, our Aus-Sino Consulting team uses the following model:

Step 1: Establish Client Mandate (definition of works)

In what is likely the single most important step of the consulting process, Global Enterprises Group works with our clients at the outset of the project to:

a) Understand the expectations of the client and establish the parameters of the project, including i. Preparation works (if applicable) ii. Main works iii. Pipeline works (if applicable) b) Determine project milestones c) Define approximate costs d) Ascertain estimated timeframes

Step 2: Enter Arrangement

The advisor (Global Enterprises Group) and the client (you) accept the definition of works, any initial requirements of the agreement begin .

Step 3: Execute Mandate

The project begins, step by step in accordance with project milestones, costs and timeframes. The following flowchart represents a standard project’s workflow with Global Enterprises Group:


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