[Australia Weekly Migration News 48 issue]

SW Skilled Nominated Migration open – Subclasses 190 and 489

The NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List 2019-20 has been released and applications for nomination under the Subclass 190 program have reopened.

This list indicated the availability level for each occupation on the list and introduces additional criteria for some occupations.

Where additional criteria is imposed, it is the same across all specified occupations:

The NSW 489 Regional Skilled Occupation List 2019-20 has also been released, containing a broader range of occupations.

Applicants for SC 489 visas must first seek nomination from a NSW region to be eligible to apply for this subclass.

Members are reminded that the last date for EOIs for Subclass 489 nominations and invitations will be 10 September 2019, and invited applicants may only lodge visa applications until 15 November 2019.

As previously advised some NSW RDAs are gradually reopening their Subclass 489 program. It is not yet clear if all RDAs will reopen their programs before the 10 September cutoff date.

NSW – Riverina RDA – SC 489 open

The Riverina RDA announced that applications for nominations for SC 489 are again open. The RDA has also released a new Riverina skills list.

Special consideration will be given to applicants who studied in the Riverina and are planning to settle or have genuine paid employment in the Riverina, which is related to their qualifications/nominated occupation. Suitable applicants are asked to email the Skilled Migration Officer attaching scanned documented evidence.

* Update 19 July 2019, Riverina RDA closed applications for SC 489s 12 hours after opening due to heavy demand.

From 22 July 2019, Victoria’s Skilled & Business Migration Program (SBMP) will remove the invitation process for all Business Innovation and Investor Program (BIIP) streams.

Updates to the minimum eligibility criteria for some visa subclasses will also be updated from 22 July 2019, including:

Victoria’s Skilled & Business Migration Program will only accept visa nomination applications that meet these new criteria.

Please note that existing visa holders and applicants who have applied for nomination before 22 July 2019 will not be subject to these changes.

Any enquiries please contact us at: enquiries@lhglobal.co

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