[Australia Weekly Migration News 52 issue]

  1. 489 State Nomination Update


Victoria’s Skilled & Business Migration Program (SBMP) will stop accepting any new subclass 489 nomination applications from 5 September.

South Australia

Immigration SA has stopped accepting state nomination applications for the subclass 489 visa at 11am on 14 August 2019. All applications that have been saved but not submitted (including applications which have been ‘submitted but not paid’) will be deleted at 11am on this date.

New South Wales

RDAs closed – Central WestFar South CoastMid North CoastOranaRiverinaSouthern Inland


The Tasmania government has stopped accepting new 489 nomination for all overseas categories from 13 August 2019, including Category 3A-Overseas applicant (TSOL) and Category 3B-Overseas applicant (job offer). They will stop accepting nomination application for remaining onshore categories from 20 August 2019, including Category 1 – Tasmania graduate, Category 2 – Working in Tasmania, Category 4 – Family in Tasmania and Category 5 – Small Business Owner

Due to the large volume of nomination applications they have received, they cannot guarantee all lodged 489 applications will be assessed before the Department of Home Affairs’ closure date on 10th of September 2019.

If applicant’s application is not finalised by the 10th of September 2019 by the Tasmanian Government, the application will no longer be able to be processed.

  1. High Income Threshold increased

The High Income Threshold increased on 1 July 2019 from $145,000 to $148,700. Applicants relying on meeting this threshold for an ENS or RSMS age exemption must ensure that the relevant threshold is met for each of the three requisite years.

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