[Australia Weekly Migration News 54 issue]

1.     Engineers Australia: Changes to Fees for Migration Skills Assessments

Other administrative fees:

2.     Pearsons – English language test validity

Institutions that recognise the PTE Academic English language test, including the Department of Home Affairs, have access to test takers results for a period of 3 years and can verify those results online using the test taker’s registration ID, or , as of 1 September, the test takers Score Report Code.

Currently test takers can only access their results online for a period of 2 years. Pearson is working to extend access so that test takers can access their results for a period of 3 years.

If a test taker took their test more than 2 years ago and cannot provide their registration ID or Score Report Code for their application, the Department can contact PTE Academic’s support team to have the result manually verified.

3.     VETASSESS Update

DAMA Skills Assessment processes

Members have been enquiring about skills assessments for DAMA occupations that have not previously been assigned a skills assessing authority.

VETASSESS will be providing skills assessments for occupation for skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers for the following DAMA programs:

Further information is available on the VETASSESS website

Any enquiries please contact us at: marketing@lhglobal.co

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