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  • October 6, 2019

Subclass 186/187-work experience policy

The MIA has sought clarification from the Department on changes to the Subclass 186/187 Work Experience policy.

In the current versions of Legend, the pro-rata calculation of work experience has been inadvertently left out of the Procedural Instructions policy for Subclass 186/187. The policy below will continue and be reinstated in the next Legend update, however, casual, unpaid and volunteer work will not be counted for work experience.

If work experience is to be expressed in full-time terms, for part-time workers this can be calculated pro-rata. For example, if the requirement is for 3 years of relevant full-time work experience, if part-time work is at 50% of a full-time load, the applicant must be able to demonstrate they have worked in that occupation on a part-time basis for 6 years.

The applicants should be aware that the full time work is now defined as 38 hours per week, rather than 35 hours in previous policy.


Skilled Visa points

From 16 November 2019:

  • Subclasses 491 state/territory or family nomination for designated regional areas will be awarded 15 points
  • Points for Subclass 190 state and territory nomination will remain at 5 points.



As previously announced the Far North Queensland DAMA is now in operation. This DAMA features:

  • 70 occupations for employer sponsorship, including three non-ANZSCO occupations
  • pathways to permanent residency for holders of TSS visas granted under the FNQ DAMA in select occupations
  • a broad range of occupations that reflect FNQ skilled and semi-skilled shortages, with no caveats to apply
  • English language concessions for some occupations
  • salary concessions that reflect FNQ market rates, ensuring that worker terms and conditions of employment are not eroded
  • concessions relating to qualifications and experience for some occupations




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