[Australia Weekly Migration News 85 issue]

COVID -19 – Subclass 408 stream announced

Legislative Instrument – F2020L00409 -LIN 20/122: COVID-19 Pandemic event for Subclass 408 (Temporary Activity) visa and visa application charge for Temporary Activity (Class GG) visa) Instrument 2020

This Instrument specifies the COVID-19 pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020, as an event for paragraph 408.229(b) of Schedule 2 to the Regulations.

The Instrument also specifies the class of persons for the purposes of paragraph 408.229(c) of Schedule 2 and subparagraph 1237(2)(a)(i) of Schedule 1 to the Regulations.

The purpose of the instrument is to provide a pathway for certain former and current holders of temporary visas to lawfully remain in Australia and who would otherwise be required to depart Australia who, but for the COVID-19 pandemic, are unable to leave Australia.


Explanatory statement


Important message about Victoria’s subclass 132 and 188 visa nomination program

From 12pm AEST Thursday 9 April 2020, Victoria’s subclass 132 and 188 visa nomination program will be paused for the remainder of 2019-20. This means that no new nomination applications will be accepted.

We will continue processing those received prior to this date, in accordance with our published processing times. New applications will be accepted in the 2020-21 financial year.

Any inquiries please contact us at marketing@lhglobal.co

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