Cessation of non contributory parent visas, carer visas, aged dependent relative visas disallowed in the Senate

A disallowance motion moved by Senator Hanson-Young in the Senate this morning to disallow the cessation of of non-contributory parent visas and carer visas has been successful. However, it is important to note that Minister Cash’s discourse opposing the motion made a key point that the non-contributory parent visa processing times are circa 25 years, and pointed out that it was the government’s position on fairness that caused them to remove a visa category that accepted money from applicants for a visa that they were likely never to obtain.

As the cessation of these visa types have been disallowed, the following visa subclasses will now be open for lodgement once again:

Subclass 103 – Parent visa;

Subclass 114 – Aged Dependent Relative visa;

Subclass 115 – Remaining Relative visa;

Subclass 116 – Carer visa;

Subclass 804 – Aged Parent visa;

Subclass 835 – Remaining Relative visa;

Subclass 836 – Carer visa; and

Subclass 838 – Aged Dependent Relative visa.

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