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Human resource service

Talent sourcing service

Human resource outsourcing

Position and Business Outsourcing: Based on the temporary, fundamental, and auxiliary service positions of customer units as the development value chain, LeaderVC focuses on creating the in-depth services of “one-stop” human resource solutions, providing customers with professional solutions such as recruitment training, staffing, position management and labour relation management. LeaderVC helps companies solve staffing issues and is devoted to the improvement of core competitiveness. LeaderVC also offers comprehensive professional business outsourcing services to help customers reduce operational overheads and focus on core business to maximise the benefits of business operations.

Labour hire

LeaderVC is a leading expert in the labour hire business, allowing customers to concentrate on the strategic management of their companies. The labour dispatching service covers recruitment and pre-job training, signing labour contracts, salary management and payroll, social insurance and provident fund payment and management, employee supplement welfare management, employee disputes, and abnormal incident management.

Legal outing sourcing

LeaderVC is committed to providing customers with a full suite of human resources legal consulting services all provided in a timely manner. This includes coaching full-time human resources staff, legal risk management, and offering a full set of risk prevention and control recommendations. The specific work includes policy and regulatory consultation, individual agreements and labour contract formulation and management, employee handbook and manual preparation, suggestions on the establishment of rules and regulations, labour-dispute resolution, acting as a labour arbitration agent or litigation agent, and emergency handling of labour relations.

Part-time job

Flexible employment is a growing product of enterprise employment services. The service provider assumes the statutory employer responsibility for the contract employment service. It is very flexible in terms of service cycle, job nature, job category, and number of employees. Whether customers are in need of one or 1000 contract employees, whether they need window service personnel or IT professionals, and whether contract employees are needed for 4 hours or the entire peak period of employment, flexible employment services can meet your needs.


High-end Talent Hunting

For the search and selection of middle management to executive talent, LeaderVC has a strong talent pool cultivated across many fields and industries.  This is performed by professional teams distributed across the country to track talent trends in real-time. These teams establish various introduction channels, quickly and accurately match candidates with customers, ensure compliance with corporate development plans and goals, and help resolve talent bottlenecks.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With more than 20 years in the industry, LeaderVC possesses strong talent pool resources, online recruitment sites, diversified recruitment channels, and experienced business teams that provide customers with full-service recruitment outsourcing solutions, including the establishment and accumulation of a talent pool, optimisation and reengineering of the overall process, customised search and screening strategies, and brand promotion programs. We also evaluate all aspects of the recruitment process through personal service to help customers effectively and quickly achieve goals, minimise their routine work and reduce management pressure.

Online Recruitment

The Recruitment Website ( is the first large-scale human resource website focusing on recruitment and employment, supplemented by HR services. The website is integrated with traditional media, online media and advanced internet technologies. Besides the recruitment services of a traditional website, we also engage in professional services such as headhunting, commissioned recruitment, various types of training, talent dispatching and other professional services. Our HR service covers human resources and combines online and offline services, offering one-stop solutions for corporate human resource services.

Talent training service

In-house Management Training

Thanks to a diversified and experienced faculty team, the in-house management training team designs systematic training courses, professional and standardised training service processes, continuous training tracking and subsequent value-added services, depending on customers’ needs. In-house management training also unifies the management concepts and ideas for middle and senior managers, builds a management communication VC, enhances management skills and teamwork, and improves the overall management of the company

Vocational Qualification Training

With continued growth of the economy, there is an increasing demand for a skilled workforce. The vocational training certificate has become a standard for measuring skills. Relying on the large professional service team, LeaderVC provides counselling and certification services for vocational qualification examinations and title examinations, to enrich professional knowledge and rapidly improve your professional competitiveness.

Experiential Training

For experiential training, LeaderVC offers enterprises and institutions a series of products, such as comprehensive quality improvement and expansion, military training, LeaderVC military camp culture, non-financial sandbox, decision-making and implementation sandbox, and youth scout club, to enable employees to establish overall values, cultivate team spirit and improve business execution.

Talent assessment service

Inventory of Managerial Abilities and Qualities

Management Style Assessment
Management Skills Test
Management Potential Assessment
Big Five Personality Assessment
Enneagram Assessment
Management Report
Situational Analogy
Briefcase Quiz
Leaderless Group DiscussionRole-play

Social/Campus Talent Selection and Evaluation

Customised Written Test
Structured Interview
General Post Capability Assessment
Post Competency Assessment
Career Interest Assessment
Basic Cognitive Ability Test
Personality Assessment

Organisation optimization service

Human Resources Management System Diagnosis

With Human Resources Management System Diagnosis, LeaderVC offers targeted suggestions for improvement in human resource management by helping companies find gaps or shortcomings in their business. The organisation optimisation system determines the essence of the human resource management issue, predicts problems that may arise in future development, and provides customers with professional optimisation and adjustment recommendations.

Human Resources Training-System Planning

Human Resources Training-System Planning analyses a company’s current employee training system to help build a new training system that will create future growth. This new system will reduce the cost of human resource management, shorten the employee training cycle for key positions, increase the success rate of corporate training, and create a strong, successful team

Human Resource Management Module Consultation

LeaderVC uses organisational structure design, job and staff design, job value evaluation, salary and performance system design, and human resource planning to coach clients to streamline their human resource management systems and processes, successfully implement management changes, create efficient human resource management systems, and promote workforce enhancement.

Core Competitiveness Development Outsourcing

By helping clients improve resource centre development, product system development, human resource recruitment, and information technology recruitment, LeaderVC establishes a targeted, planned, and organised resource development workforce plan, a sales process system that meets the needs of the business and promotes rapid business growth, and the customer satisfaction and service quality development, improves product professionalism, and builds the talent identification, evaluation and development system based on competency model, and the streamlined and standardised human resource management system.

Business Management Solutions

Information Technology VC Development Services

Interpretation / Translation Services

Corporate Investment Due Diligence Services

LeaderVC surveys the internal and external environment and conditions of a company’s business development and evaluates and analyses the key factors that enable the company to reach its business development plan. LeaderVC has a rigorous procedure, following due diligence, to clarify the business prospects of any company. By analysing a company’s internal operations, market size and competitive environment, LeaderVC determines its industry status and future development trends of the target company. They can help you choose the right investment target, prepare for increased value after the transaction, and formulate a post-merger integration scheme.

Corporate Talent Background Investigation Services

In the internet era, with the increasingly complex, uncertain, and volatile internal and external environments of companies, HR department are facing increased recruitment risks. Many human resource officers are struggling to effectively reduce recruitment risks and hire genuine talent within a limited time.
LeaderVC provides businesses with efficient, reliable and comprehensive background investigation services. LeaderVC ensures the authenticity of information provided by personnel by using innovative technologies and services that can discover hidden facts, unprofessional and unethical behaviour, and false information including work experience and educational background. These background investigations help businesses save manpower and material resources, and improve the employment success rate.

Business Consulting Services

For foreign investors unfamiliar with China, registering a company or branch office in China can be very difficult because complex approval and registration procedures are required. The corresponding requirements and actual operations in different regions can also differ. We assist foreign-invested businesses from all over the world to quickly and easily conduct business in China. LeaderVC provides companies with a series of services such as company registration and establishment of branch offices. Whether you’re seeking to establish an investment opportunity or a business entity, or looking for a suitable business location, we will set up the most appropriate operating agency. We work within your current investment and future development plans in China, and make the most of local incentives and preferential tax policy. We offer the following consulting services:

  • Consulting Services on Market Environment, Investment Environment and Investment Preferential Policies
  •  Tax Analysis Consulting
  •  Business Registration Consulting
  •  Corporate Legal Advice
  •  Security Consulting
  •  Educational Training Project Consulting
  •  Government Policy Consulting
  •  Business Management Consulting

Risk Management Services

Risk management includes the identification, measurement and evaluation of risks and the development of strategies to deal with these risks in order to minimise the avoidable risks, costs, and losses. LeaderVC’s experts in risk management services can help businesses discover, evaluate and manage complex risks and problems. We provide risk management and risk analysis solutions to help our customers reduce risk and uncertainty and take full advantage of business opportunities.

Intellectual Property

Patent Consultation and Application Service

The inventions and patents obtained in China cannot be implemented without the permission of the patentee. In China, patents are divided into three types: invention, utility model and appearance design. Applying for a patent can not only protect your invention and prevent the loss of scientific research and intellectual property, but also benefit scientific and technological progress and economic development. A patent secures new technologies and their corresponding products, and helps you achieve economic benefits

Trademark Registration Consulting Service

A Chinese Brand or partial brand registered at the relevant government department is called a “Trademark”. Registered trademarks are protected by law, and registrants have exclusive rights. An unregistered trademark is not protected by trademark law. According to incomplete statistics and analysis, a party who has registered a trademark clearly enjoys the exclusive right to use the trademark and has a higher chance of winning an infringement case, with shorter resolution times, time costs saved and due compensation obtained quickly. In contrast, those infringed parties who do not have registered trademarks will spend more manpower and financial resources on protecting their legitimate rights and interests.

Software Copyright Consulting Registration Service

Computer software copyright refers to the exclusive rights enjoyed by software developers or other rights holders for software works in accordance with the relevant copyright laws. Computer software copyrights belong to a kind of civil law, with the common characteristics of civil law. The software certification products of double software require registration of software copyright.  In addition, in the gaming industry, one of the prerequisites for a game to be put on the shelves is to have a software copyright. After applying for high-tech enterprise and double software certification, a business can enjoy the benefits of various preferential policies such as national tax deductions and exemptions and policy fund support (Maximum rewards of 2 million yuan for high-tech enterprises.)

Standardised Consulting Services

In China, industries generally have industry standards and market access conditions within the industry. The standardised consulting services of LH Global can provide foreign companies with consultation on these market access conditions and industry standards, helping these companies to quickly understand the Chinese market for their industry and promote the principle of equality and reciprocity, thereby reducing corporate investment and operating costs


Consulting Service for Local Government Support Policy

In China, when formulating regional development plans or planning outlines, local governments prioritise certain industries or sectors to promote preferential and rapid development. This is done with a view to driving the development of other industries, thereby promoting the entire region’s economic development. Therefore, local governments have different support policies for different industries. LeaderVC’s local government support policy consultation can help foreign companies obtain local government support for their industry as soon as possible, to reduce the investment and operating costs.

Consulting Service for Corporate Executive Honour Policy Support

At the beginning of 2000, the Chinese government began to introduce a series of policies to attract overseas talents and foreign technical talents. These policies include pilot schemes such as “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and policy trials such as the green card systems in Beijing and Shanghai.
These policies include those for housing, taxes, health care, support for spouses and children, and more. Corporate executive and talent service policy consultation can help foreign companies understand the Chinese talent policy take advantage of the support policy as soon as possible.

Consulting Service for Financial and Taxation Policy Support

In China, the preferential tax policy supports the development of companies and individuals. The preferential tax policy reduces the tax pressure on enterprises or individuals and maximises the benefits for them.

Other Funded Projects

In addition to the above local/industry preferential policies, different local governments in China have different types of support policies for different industries. Take Jiangsu Province as an example:

Notice on Organising the Application of Special Fund Projects for Provincial Industrial and Information Industry Transformation and Upgrade in 2019 by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Provincial Department of Finance. The supporting key points are as follows:

Technical Transformation Upgrade: Supporting companies to use new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment; accelerating technological transformation and equipment upgrades; promoting intelligent, green, and service-oriented transformation and upgrading to the manufacturing industry; strengthening major technical equipment and supplementing shortcomings; and improving safety production levels and quality development levels.Improvement of independent innovation capability: Supporting the construction of new R&D institutions in the manufacturing industry, strengthening key core technology (equipment) research, promoting the application of new technologies and products, accelerating the development of enterprise-based technological innovation systems, and significantly improving the industrial innovation capability

Cultivation of industry-leading enterprises: Supporting enterprises to set benchmarks; implementing mergers and reorganisations; focusing on subdivided fields; cultivating a group of world-class enterprises with leading technology, scale, and brands; and specialising in new small companies with key links in key industry chains, to enhance the industry’s grounding force and influence.

Development of information and industrial service system: Cultivating a number of solution providers for integrating IT application with industrialisation, intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, and industrial information security; supporting a number of public service demonstration platforms (bases) for smart Jiangsu and SME; and accelerating the formation of an information and industrial service system in compliance with the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry of Jiangsu.

Corporate Executive Consulting Services

Personal Tax Advisory Service

The Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China states taxpayers can be divided into two categories: Chinese settlement and non-Chinese settlement. Foreigners working in mainland China may belong to either group. The individual income tax law stipulates that individuals settled in China are required to pay taxes on income obtained in China and overseas, while individuals not settled in China are only required to pay taxes on wages earned in China. LeaderVC provides advice on personal income tax declarations and payments, to avoid costly penalties. In the process of tax planning and organisation, a tax framework should be established within the framework of tax regulations, to complete the payment in accordance with regulations and avoid disagreements.

Consulting Service for Business Executive Education and Training

<em>Based on its comprehensive intelligence service architecture and international vision, LeaderVC can improve business philosophy and knowledge structure and stimulate intellectual potential through improved training courses and consulting services for corporate managers. Accordingly, it offers a strong knowledge and information guarantee for the expansion of international business strategy, and effective management solutions for enterprise growth and transformation, and creates a new starting point from success to excellence.</em>

Consulting Service for Corporate Executive Family Asset Insurance

The demand of high-net-worth individuals on family wealth allocation and inheritance are increasing with each passing day. The shift from “Individual Product Demand” to “Wealth Management Package Program” has shown an inevitable trend. Insurance is an important option in the package program, as it’s an important tool for wealthy people to inherit wealth and allocate assets. LeaderVC’s insurance service platform is jointly cooperated by LeaderVC and well-known insurance companies, providing customers with a variety of business scenarios, different development stages and a full life cycle insurance product. In 2018, LeaderVC worked with Zijin Insurance to open a strategic cooperation path for LeaderVC’s insurance service platform, which focuses on the innovation drive of product integration in combination with layout advantages of LeaderVC and professional advantages of Zijin Insurance. LeaderVC cares about customers’ needs and steadily moves towards the goal of offering a high-quality insurance service platform.

Consulting Service for Corporate Executive Home Security

LeaderVC’s Executive Home Security Consulting can provide security services to protect high-income individuals and their families from any threat, privacy violation and crime. Our trained protection staff are able to reduce your potential risks and help you maintain a normal lifestyle. We can provide maximum protection, minimise external interference, and prioritise proactive and preventive safety. A well-structured protection contract begins with a comprehensive risk assessment on your residence, your company office, and the lifestyle and practices of you and your family. This allows us to identify, prioritise and address your risk sources.

Consulting Service for Corporate Investment and Financing

Corporate Financial Advisory Service

Accelerating the development of high-quality and high-growth companies in fields such as investment and banking services.

Direct investment
Outstanding projects of entrepreneurial businesses having development potential will be granted with equity investment, after being reviewed.

Investment agency
More investment institutions will be integrated to provide larger-scale funding and resources to all similar enterprises.

Start-ups can be exempt from rent for 1-3 years, which can be directly converted into no more than 5 per cent of share right replacement.

Consulting Services for Corporate Policy Loan

Carrying out qualification packaging and applying for policy loans for the high-growth small and medium-sized businesses in emerging industries with actual revenue greater than or equal to $2 million.

Consulting Services for Corporate Equity Integration

Industry review, competitive product analysis, financial model building, financial forecasting, and reasonable valuation.

Consulting Services for Corporate Equity Optimisation

Clarifying the rights, responsibilities and benefits of the company’s controllers and partners is helpful to the company stability, financing, and development. Asset restructuring requires the support of external economic litigation law firms.

Asset Consulting

Consulting Services for Apartment, Office and other Fixed Assets

Providing consulting services for asset allocation (apartments and office buildings, etc.), real estate information, and preferential prices in various districts.

Asset Allocation Consulting Services

At the request of the enterprise, we customise reasonable asset allocation plans and offer follow-up quality and high-end supporting services.

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