Insurance for 457 visa clients

Have you got a potential 457 sponsorship? Do you not have access to reciprocal health cover? Do you need insurance? Good news…

Global Enterprises Group has recently signed a partnership with BUPA, giving all of our 457 visa clients a 6% discount on their purchase of the 457 visa – required ‘minimum cover’. Often considered a painful, expensive experience for 457 visa clients, maintaining adequate health insurance whilst on their 457 visa is a mandatory requirement.

We have researched and asked around Australia and found that BUPA’s classic visitor’s cover is the most competitive in the market for giving the ‘adequate cover’ required for the purpose of the subclass 457 visa. It is a no-frills cover, practically giving visa holders the same cover as a local would have with a Medicare card. Please feel free to contact us today if you are a client of Global Enterprises Group and wish to take advantage of this arrangement, and all specific premium enquiries (I.e. what is covered, what is not) should be directed to BUPA.

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