International Trade Obligations and their impact on Labour Market Testing for the 457

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that it will make certain exemptions from labour market testing requirements when international trade obligations are involved.

Some information released by the MIA on this here:

International trade obligations

LMT will not need to occur where it would conflict with Australia’s international trade obligations, in any of the following circumstances:

Executive or senior manager occupations

For the purposes of international trade obligations, the following occupations are considered to be Executives or Senior Managers:

OccupationANZSCO Code
Chief Executive or Managing Director111111
Corporate General Manager111211
Sales and Marketing Manager131112
Advertising Manager131113
Public Relations Manager131114
Corporate Services Manager132111
Finance Manager132211
Human Resource Manager132311
Policy and Planning Manager132411
Research and Development Manager132511
Construction Project Manager133111
Project Builder133112
Engineering Manager133211
Production Manager (Forestry)133511
Production Manager (Manufacturing)133512
Production Manager (Mining)133513
Supply and Distribution Manager133611
Primary Health Organisation Manager134213
Regional Education Manager134412
Education Managers nec134499
Chief Information Officer135111
ICT Project Manager135112
ICT Managers nec135199
Environmental Manager139912
Laboratory Manager139913
Quality Assurance Manager139914
Specialist Managers nec139999
Corporate Treasurer221212

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