Project Acquisition

“Tell your dollars where to go rather than asking them where they went.” - Roger W Babson

Invest in Australia

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Do you want to expand overseas investment? As you embark on the road of international investment, the project procurement team of LH Global can help you find the best projects to invest in Australia.

Real estate development and project management

Business Investment

Buy or establish an Australian business to start a new chapter of life in Australia. And it can meet the investment immigration requirements of Australia.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can help offshore companies find quality business projects in Australia through the resources of LH Global in the Australian government and chamber of commerce.

Diverse methods to manage your wealth

In Australia, investors and entrepreneurs mainly manage their wealth by running businesses, investing and developing real estate, and handing over assets and businesses to professional institutions.

Through cooperation with LH Global, you will enjoy the same investment and business platform overseas as local Australian entrepreneurs and investors, so that you can fully utilise your advantages.

Product Service

Real Estate Development

Australian residential, commercial real estate property. To cover the cost of studying abroad by the appreciation of the property purchased overseas, and to allocate foreign currency assets.

China-Australia Exchanges

Business Trip

We helped the president’s class to study in Australia. Outdoor team-building and leadership training. Academic, scientific and sports exchanges.


Successful cases

Our clients are our greatest champions. Here are some first-hand testimonials which showcase the quality of our support

Mr. L, investment immigration

Mr. L first sent his daughter to study in Perth because of the purer English environment. Later, he wanted his daughter to stay in Australia and study her favourite major without worrying about immigration, so he chose to know more about Australian immigration information.

Later, he was introduced to the LH Global immigration consultant and learned that his business was in line with the Business Talent Visa - Subclass 132 in Australia.
After comparing different companies, he found that LH Global provided the most comprehensive information and had a deeper interpretation of immigration. Although we were not the cheapest immigration service, Mr. L trusted us more. Later, LH Global helped Mr. L to get the Australian permanent residency in one step.

After obtained the permanent residency, Mr. L developed a real estate project in Perth as required. With the help of the LH Global project service team, he successfully found a plot of land near a park and a primary school in the rich area, and the approval and pre-sale of the project went smoothly. The project is expected to achieve a return on investment of more than 25% and it fully meets the government's requirements of the business talent visa. P22

Ms. S, asset allocation

Ms. S's child was about to study in Australia. She has successfully sent her child to the University of Western Australia, one of the top eight universities in Australia, through the education service of LH Global.

After knowing about the cost of accommodation and living in Australia, Ms. S' decided to buy an apartment near the city center for her child, as suggested by the consultant of the LH Global project services team.

Therefore, the child had no accommodation problem after coming to Perth. The child leased another room of the property to a classmate. The rent was AUD 200 per week which was as much as the pay in a restaurant. The time saved by the child could be used to study, or join the local community and take internships related to his/her major.

The apartment was built by a well-known listed local developer with reasonable prices and complete facilities. Ms. S's child was very happy when he/she was at university. In addition, the child made many friends with high-quality white-collar neighbours who also resided in the same building, so that he/she could know more about the local society.

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