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"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing" - Warren Buffett

Invest in the United Kingdom

Overseas investors – exempting individual home-buyers – have accelerated the trend of real estate investment in the UK; especially over the past few years. This is because the United Kingdom bears all the hallmarks of a safe investment environment. It has long been a mature transaction market with demonstrated stable political and economical stability. As industry leaders maintain, the price of real estate over the next 5 years is likely to rise by approximately 15 % in the UK, owing to the impact of Brexit and a surge in demand.

LH Global predicts that Brexit will not deter overseas investors from the UK property market in the long term. Also, of note is that buyers are increasingly turning their attention to other cities aside from London, such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield.

LH Global’s UK property team is dedicated to providing a range of customer groups with home purchase, property investment and transfer of land options in the UK. Our professional consultants continue to facilitate our clients’ success in the overseas investment market.

We can offer you the following services

Rental service for overseas new immigrants

Rent consultation:

In response to different customer groups’ and individual needs, we provide high-quality and reliable listing information:- for instance, buyers who favour London’s prestigious “school districts”, finding the most attractive student accommodation.

Asset review service for overseas clients

  • Bespoke asset viewing experience;
  • One-to-one home purchase consultation including risk investment analysis by a local estate expert;
  • Translation service through the whole journey, solving customers’ foreign language barriers;

Home buyer’s exclusive agency service

  • On behalf of buyers, we provide customers with in-depth analyses of real estate news;
  • Arrange videos of viewing or direct home viewing appointments for those who wish to travel to make their choice;
  • Negotiation service;
  • Assisting clients in handling house purchase legal affairs and mortgage procedures.

Translation of procedures

  • Provide international buyers with high-quality and reliable listing information including new and second-hand homes, assisting in housing selection and purchase;
  • Provide translation services, assist customers to handle legal affairs, negotiation and translation procedures;

Property investment and portfolio management

  • Provide international buyers with high-quality and reliable listing information including new and second-hand homes, assisting in property selection and purchase;
  • Assisting customers to evaluate and bid;
  • Provide property management services including house leasing and daily maintenance.
  • Regular property inspections, providing professional recommendations on selling and asset restructuring;

Why choose us?

Leading property investment company in the UK

LH Global London team have an combined total of 30 years’ practical experience in the real estate industry in the UK .

Reliable partnership with UK property agencies

LH Global maintains strong relationships with major real estate agents and legal and accounting firms to provide the most professional and reliable service.

Personalized and attentive service

Our team is committed to providing clients with translation services in Mandarin, Cantonese and English throughout their journey. In addition, we arrange airport pick-up, hotel booking and travel services to ensure that our clients remaworry-free.

Successful cases

Our clients are our greatest champions. Here are some previous cases which showcase the quality of our support


Aiguo Hong is a busy international landlord: living in Hong Kong, with a number of rental properties in Canary Wharf, London. After deciding to sell one of his UK properties, he became despondent when several high profile UK-based estate agents were unable to source a buyer for him. A previous client of recommended our services to Mr. Hong and we responded to his request by searching our database of buyers seeking similar properties. In this way we were able to sell his flat quickly and without fuss, to a Mainland China buyer.

Personal Dwelling

Mrs. Onbekend from Kuala Lumpur bought a small flat through LH Global for her son Oscar, so he could live in London whilst completing his studies at Imperial College.
After graduating, Oscar returned to Malaysia and his mother entrusted his property to us so we could rent it out and manage the property. We have now been successfully letting out the flat for several months.


Endorsement from Alex Qu: A Beijing based international property investor who LH Global helped to purchase his most recent property in the UK and convert into student lettings
“At the time of writing, I own 2 student HMO properties in Hertfordshire and intend to continue growing my portfolio. Property investing on the surface seems easy and there are many “guru’s” out there that will promise you millions overnight. Truth be told, it does take clear goals, research, diligence and most importantly decisive action! LH Global have been there for me and will certainly help you to achieve your goals.”

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