Project Acquisition

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Invest in the United States

LH Global Project Acquisition Department is responsible for multidimensional projects dealing with equity investment, investor immigration/EB-5 programs, business exhibitions and cultural exchanges. LH Global US is established and located in Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. We are a truly global consulting firm with operations in Australia, UK, Malaysia and China.

LH Global US brings together partners with clients in all sectors and regions in mainland China as well as the United States. We are expert at identifying our clients’ highest-value opportunities and addressing their most critical concerns. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable development and competitive advantage in the US.

With deep insights into the dynamics of client companies and markets as well as support from its consulting and business law teams, our department works in close collaboration with client companies to assist our clients achieving their goals of development, adjustment, and business transformation.

We can offer you the following services

Real Estate Investment

Overseas personal housing investment

Multi Unit
Single Family

Foreign Mixed Unit-Retail investment

Mixed Unit-Retail Store:

  • comprehensive commercial
  • residential projects

Real estate development project

Adopting a planning system for sales and construction at the same time to ensure smooth flow of funds, customers can rest assured in their investments

1. Land Buying
2. Pre-sale
3. Real Estate Construction
4. Sold Out
5. Completed
6. Occupants Occupy

Business Exhibitions

The United States is a center of world exhibitions in terms of both the number and range of exhibitions held annually. Exhibitions as an emerging industry are mass social activities formed and participated in by a great number of people who convene in an agreed place to share and exchange information on a regular or irregular basis and in an institutionalized or non-institutionalized manner. Exhibitions have strong economic functions, including communication and transactions, integrated marking, regulating supply and demand, technology diffusion, industry linkages, promoting economic integration, to name but a few. 
With the advance of economic globalization, an increasing number of enterprises in China have been actively seeking partners in international markets for their products and services. Exhibitions provide a platform for enterprises both at home and abroad to communicate and collaborate, helping Chinese enterprises “go global” and “bring in” advanced technology and expertise from abroad.

LH Global US fully engages our professional team in every stage of our clients’ exhibitions at convention facilities, tailoring our services to meet all needs before, during, and after exhibitions. Prior to exhibitions, we mobilize resources to coordinate between our clients and exhibition facilities all around the US to complete necessary preparation work. Our clients can remotely control each pre-exhibition detail without even entering the country. During exhibitions, we provide high-quality onsite interpretation/translation as well as booth layout and décor services.

After exhibitions, we assist our clients in finishing touches and follow-ups. Upon request, we customize various tours and activities for our clients to experience the dynamics and diversity of the US as well as American life and culture. Additionally, our strong legal team ensures that any American trip of our clients is smooth, productive, and hassle-free.

Pre Exibition

  • Contact and communication with regional trade show centers
  • Coordination of time, location, scale, etc.


  • Exhibition Setup
  • Intepretation / Translation


  • Exhibition Follow-Up
  • Local Cultural Experiences

Investor Immigration projects/EB-5 Programs

Want your first pot of gold and/or American green card? Our investor immigration projects are your best choice. We provide major services as follows: project selection, project evaluation, development plan writing, legal support, and management consultation.

Project Selection
Development Plan Writing
Project Evaluation
Legal Support
Managment Consultation
Return on Investment+ U.S. Green Card

Why choose us?

Unique Team and Partners

LH Global US has an experienced investment team. At the same time, the long-term senior real estate developers who cooperate with LH Global US have the authority of the United States. They have decades of experience in real estate investment projects and can quickly locate the needs of clients and give substantial suggestions. Our team carries out 360 degree project follow-up and communication with clients and can provide comprehensive bilingual services.

Access to the best Business Conventions

The United States is the world's first convention exhibition country with top-level comprehensive exhibition projects. Each spring and summer, there are various exhibitions with different themes. LH Global US also has experience exhibiting at most exhibitions in Chicago. We professionally help clients to complete all exhibition arrangements before, during, and after the presentation. Follow-up to complete the exhibition project.

Own Star Property Project

Chicago was ranked third in the world's most economically dynamic cities and third in the top real estate investment cities. For investment projects, the capital threshold in Chicago is relatively low and the rate of return relatively high. At the same time, the number of Chinese-invested real estate in downtown Chicago is increasing, and the demand for the rental market is strong.

Successful case

Your success is our badge of honour. Read about a typical case for our property consultants

Mr. Na. Refurbishment of existing homes for sale

Our client Mr. Na lives in Chongqing, China, and his son (Xiaona) is studying at Loyola University Chicago. In his first year, Xiaona rented an apartment in the center of Chicago.

Over time they felt that the rent in Chicago was relatively high and so Xiaona's father decided to buy a one-bedroom apartment for his son. This was the first time that Mr. Na had purchased property overseas. They had no clue. They hired a Chinese-speaking real estate agent. On his recommendation, they purchased an apartment near Chicago Chinatown. Four years later, Xiaona graduated and was ready to sell his apartment, but never imagined how difficult he would find the process!

At one of our real estate investment seminars, Xiaona explained the situation to our consultant Chloe and sought solutions. After our senior real estate agents had discussed the situation, they designed a solution for in which Xiaona redecorated his apartment before putting it on the market. We introduced a decoration company that we have cooperated with for many years to Xiaona, assisted him in repairing and organising his one-bedroom apartment at a great price (about 8,000 US dollars), and sold his apartment in the summer buying boom time.

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