Labour Market Testing FAQ’s

Some very useful information provided by the MIALMT in the subclass 457 visa programme frequently asked questionsThe Department has compiled a list of FAQs regarding LMT. Information includes the following:Accredited sponsors are not exempt from LMT;You have to have conducted LMT for the nominated position at any time within the preceding 12 months prior to lodging the nomination. There is no specific time requirement for conducting LMT;Use of social media to advertise a vacant position(s) is acceptable. As with all other forms of advertising or recruitment efforts, you will need to provide information about the process you undertook and the results the advertising produced;Paid advertising will not be considered more favourably than free advertising for the purpose of evidencing labour market testing;You do not have to provide details of the recruitment process such as records of interview or copies of job applications received;Advertising on your company’s own website is an acceptable form of labour market testing;If you use an external recruitment agency, you are required to provide information about the recruitment efforts undertaken on your behalf and the outcome of those activities;It is not an immigration requirement to maintain records of labour market testing.

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