LH Global and Grand Pathways join up to promote Australian Education in Sri Lanka!

If someone told you that Australia was consistently chosen over UK and USA by Sri Lankan scholars seeking to further their study prospects, you may not have believed them. However, pivot tables from the Department of Home Affairs show that Sri Lankan students are choosing to pursue international educational qualifications in Australia in increasing numbers.

According to UNESCO, there are currently some 20,000 Sri Lankan nationals pursuing university qualifications overseas. Of these 20,000, circa 7,000 have chosen to study in Australia; securing Australia’s position as Sri Lanka’s #1 education destination. In fact, more than double the number of Sri Lankan students choose to study in Australia as opposed to the US, and more than 6x the number of those choosing to study in the UK. That is to say that Australian universities are highly regarded by Sri Lankan students than the Ivy League or Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge).


Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive global reputation of the Australian education system. Aside from generous international scholarships and a wide variety of courses and degrees, Australian educational institutions are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Students also enjoy a lower cost of living than in the UK and USA.

How does LH Global help you?

LH Global is truly an international company, with 5 offices in Australia, 25 offices throughout Asia and offices in the US and UK. Our business operates on what we call a “4+3 Strategy”, which effectively means that we have 4 core business areas and 3 additional activities. Our four core business areas include Migration & Education Services, Investment Services, Tourism Services and Recruitment Services.

The company strategy is focussed on delivering value to our customers along their journey overseas and enables us to be an important partner to them every step of the way.

The infographic below shows a visual representation of this:

Our near-perfect success in the South Asian market:

Since opening up our Education Department, our visa success rate in the South Asian region is over 90%. This is a countertrend considering that the current success rate of South Asian student visa applicants to Australia is hovering around 60%. We have highly qualified and experienced consultants who work exclusively with the South Asian market, so you can rest assured that your application is in good hands.

Institutions that we represent:

LH Global represents a large number of universities, colleges and schools all across Australia. We are able to provide you with a number of pathways to your course of choice.

Case studies from a couple of our partners:

Federation University: campuses in Victoria and Queensland

#1 University in Australia for: Graduate Employability, Technical and Adaptive skills

#1 University in Victoria for: Skills*Overall Graduate Employment^, Median Graduate Starting Salary^

#1 University in Victoria for Teaching Scale* (satisfaction with teaching practices)

#1 University in Victoria for Student Support* (multicultural, academic, career, health)

*Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) January 2018

^Australian Federal Government, QILT.edu.au, 2018

Reasons to choose Federation University:

Generous scholarships

Guaranteed accommodation for new international students

Outstanding courses

Southern Cross University: a large number of campuses in Gold Coast, NSW, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne

#1 in Australia for international student support (2018 international student barometer)

World experts in 23 key research areas (Excellence in Australia ERA 2018 national report)

Rated 5 stars for teaching quality, social equity and student support (The 2019 Good Universities Guide)

Reasons to choose Southern Cross University:

Why choose SCU?

Regardless if you are seeking to study in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane or another Australian city; LH Global, together is here to help you on your journey.

We are running a festive promotion for a limited time – you will be able to get a free consultation and initial assessment with regard to your eligibility!!

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