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LH Global emerged from the combination of China’s "Leader HR" and Australia’s "Global Enterprises Group". Two companies combined provide a new chapter for the company.


With a merged amount of years between two leading migration firms, you can rest assured Leader HR will offer professional and efficient service.


LH Global is one of Australia's leading migration and education services firms, and Leader HR one of China's leading Human Resources and Recruitment firms.


Our global reach enables us to engage with clients / visa applicants in most major regions in the world, so that we can process their visa with the fastest possible outcome.

About Us

LH Global is a result of China’s "Leader HR" and Australia’s "Global Enterprises Group" officially combining in 2017 to provide a new chapter for the company, Leader HR to take their outstanding products onto the international stage.

Our Sydney office is staffed by highly experienced and capable professionals who are able to assist you with your Migration, Education, Tourism, Investment and Recruitment inquiries.

Family Migration

We ensure a streamlined and personalised service to our clients, gathering and collating evidence and consulting clients on evidence areas that need to be improved prior to visa application lodgement. Cases can vary from straightforward spouse relationships through to complex scenarios, tribunal appeals & hearings, submission writing and ministerial waivers.

In our migration services division, we service the following:

  • Partner Migration
  • Child Visas
  • Parent Migration

Work/Skilled Visas

At LH Global, we have extensive experience in servicing B2B clients who want to do business between Australia and China. We focus on our client’s mandate and objectives to ensure we always have the client’s interest at heart.  Examples of services we can provide for our clients when dealing between Australia and China:

  • Relocation and migration
  • Cultural and linguistic exchange
  • Business registration
  • Financial institution registration
  • Product sourcing
  • Merger and Acquisition services(through partnerships)

Complex Cases

In the unfortunate circumstance that you or someone you know has a visa refused or cancelled, LH Global is able to help by preparing an application to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for you or on that person’s behalf. This is very often a client’s last option in order to remain in Australia.

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