Skilled & Work migration

Skilled & Work migration

LH Global’s Migration Services division is registered, experienced and legally capable of providing advice for most things pertaining to the Australian migration system. LH Global’s head office is located in Perth, Western Australia and through our partnerships we have facilities in: Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra), Bahrain, Belgium, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom and the United States.

Our global reach enables us to engage with clients / visa applicants in most major regions in the world, so that we can process their visa with the fastest possible outcome.

Corporate Services:

LH Global’s primary business and long-term strategy is its engagement with other businesses. This is also true of our migration services division. We provide preferred supplier, partnership and ad-hoc migration advice and services to our B2B clients,ensuring:

  • The visa nomination and application becomes a seamless part of the onboarding process
  • The position on offer meets DIAC requirements for minimum salary, market rate and duration for compliance purposes
  • That the candidate (visa applicant) meets or CAN meet the visa requirements and conditions

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) Visa Services

For those businesses that have a standard business sponsorship or labour agreement in place, we offer an outsourced processing service whereby we coordinate between the company’s HR department and the candidate to ensure that the visa sponsorship, nomination and application process is navigated smoothly, promptly and professionally. We work with employer and employee to make sure that the employee is appropriately qualified, that any necessary language and skills assessments are completed, any required registration is accomplished, the appropriate skilled occupation is identified and selected, and the salary is at relevant market rate and above the TSMIT ($53,900).

482 to PR (Permament Residency) Services

482 visa holders tend to want to stay in Australia in the long-term, and whilst some will look to obtain permanent residency independently, a large number will look to their sponsoring employers to ‘sponsor’ their permanent residence application. At LH Global we offer an outsourced service to coordinate between the employer’s HR department and the employee to assess and assist in the nomination and application of an employee’s permanent residence. We service both Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) visas.

Direct Entry Permament Residency Services

If an employer has identified a foreign skilled worker who requires a visa to remain and work in Australia, they may do so via the subclass 482 visa, or via sponsoring the employee’s Permanent Residence through DIRECT ENTRY. ENS (subclass 186) and RSMS (subclass 187) visa options exist, and LH Global has the necessary expertise to service requirements in both streams.

Standart Business Sponsorship Application

For businesses that are applying for a business to be approved to sponsor foreign skilled workers under the 482 scheme, they need to first be approved as a ‘standard business sponsor’ or possess a labour agreement. LH Global works together with the business to ensure eligibility, gather all appropriate documentation, prepare and lodge the application for approval as a standard business sponsor with the Department of Home Affairs.

Compliance & Audit Preparation Services

The Department of Home Affairs often conducts audits on standard business sponsors and employers to ensure they are meeting their obligations. LH Global can assist employers in maintaining their compliance in areas such as; market rates for employees, appropriate annual training expenditure and cessation notices. We can also assist those who have been visited by the department or for those who have received a NOITA (notice of intention to take action) from the department.

Personal Migration Services:

LH Global’s Migration Services division also services people’s independent skills migration, partner migration, parent migration and business skills migration enquiries. Please contact us for further information should you wish to obtain further information on our personal migration services.

LH Global offers a number of services for Employers, Employees and General Skilled Migration aspirants. The majority of LH Global’s business is that of servicing corporations and businesses in Australia looking to hire and sponsor foreign workers. We also service individuals who have identified a potential employer / sponsor and require assistance with processing their visa.

Please click below for more information on our Corporate Migration Services, or click on “General Skilled Migration” below for information on our services to help you with obtaining your visa independently of an employer, or click on ‘Skills Assessments’ below to understand how LH Global can help you will obtaining a positive skills assessment. Corporate Migration Services General Skilled Migration (including Graduate Visas) Skills Assessments Visas in this program include:

Investment Program

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Subclass 482 Temporary Work (skilled) Visa
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Subclass 186 Employer Nomination scheme
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Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
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General Skilled Migration

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485 Temporary Graduate Visa
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189 Skilled Independent Visa
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190 Skilled Nominated Visa
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