"The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources - because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples." ―Lyndon B. Johnson

Migration to the United States

We realise that immigration and visa applications can be challenging for people. Our goal is to remove the stress and make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. To help you visualise how we work, below we have outlined a typical timeline of events.

LH Global provides expert legal advice and representation, directly to individuals and businesses, in relation to all aspects of US immigration law. Our expertise, dedication and skill allow us to tackle even the most challenging work.

We can offer you the following services

LH Global US Immigration department has ten cooperating lawyers, three of whom are US gold medal immigration lawyers. They have been in the immigration services industry for 25 to 35 years.

Pioneering the multinational US immigration team, with over 40 years of practice in the US legal market, has accumulated a wealth of professional experience in litigation and non-litigation area and has its strongly comparative business advantage. Our team of lawyers has always focused on combining practice experience with client needs, following the purpose of “pilot spirit,” striving to provide clients with comprehensive legal services and solutions and strive to provide clients with high-quality and efficient legal services.

The areas of expertise of our legal services include multinational companies, small business owners, labor and fraudulent marketing tactics, violating data privacy violations, EB-5 (immigrant investor) visas, traditional Work-based visas, family-based visas, and repatriation (deportation) defences, as well as commercial or contract disputes and more.

Non-immigrant visa application service (F, B, J etc)
Business and Investment related visa application (L, E, B)
One-on-one case managing consultation with US licensed attorneys
General Immigration service
(green card applications, various preferences)
Change of Immigration status via court proceedings
Hiring visa application and follow ups (H1B)
Immigration hearings preparation and attendance
(master and individual)
Appeal application and proceedings
(Appellate court, BIA and 7th circuit court)
Company forming registration in US and EIN tax code application
Business contracts write up, revise and negotiation by the attorney team
Legal document translation and notarization to US government agency

LH Global lawyer team

Roxolana Harasymiw | America Gold Lawyer

  • 35 years in legal immigration services
  • Have abundant legal resources and experience
  • Familiar with most of the local judges and immigration system staff in immigration cases

America Gold attorney Roxolana Harasymiw is a licensed lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. She was involved in legal services for 35 years. During these 35 years, she has handled much complicated personal immigration, company registration, and commercial dispute cases. She has abundant legal resources and professional experience.

Attorney Roxolana Harasymiw has established extensive relationships in her many years of experience. She is familiar with most of the local judges and immigration system staff in immigration cases. She is not only proficient in the laws and regulations of the US and Illinois, but also able to locate solutions based on the individual situation of the client and provide clients with accurate case solutions.

James M. McClintick | Illinois Elite lawyer

  • Holder of both Washington and Illinois attorneys' licenses.
  • Follows new immigration policies in real-time, applying for information with new customers in time to ensure that the application passes with zero errors.
  • Good at the defence of investment immigration green card applications (EB5) and repatriation (deportation)

Illinois immigration attorney James M. McClintick upon graduating from the American University Washington College of Law cum laude in 2005, served as a civil litigation attorney with several highly respected law firms. In this capacity, James represented a range of clients, including multinational corporations, small-business owners, labourers and consumers victimised by fraudulent marketing tactics and data-privacy violations. James also provided legal services, often on a pro bono basis, to immigrants in the Chicago area and elsewhere.

James currently offers all manner of immigration-related services, including EB-5 (immigrant investor) visas, traditional employment-based visas, family-based visas, and removal (deportation) defense. James also advises start-up businesses on a broad range of matters relating to their formation and successful operation, including contract formation, drafting, and analysis.

Our work procedure

1. Collect client information

The assistant manager will help lawyers to raise client service requirements and correctly lay out the legal issues that the client currently needs to solve. He/she will also help the client to fill out a survey form to collect some necessary personal information of the client.

2. Customer follow-up

After communicating with the client, we provide customers with analysis reports, detailing preliminary solutions for a client.

3. Lawyer consultation

We will make an appointment with the lawyer for the client (the first 30 minutes will be free, and the fee is $6 per minute for more than 30 minutes), allowing the client and the lawyer to consult one-on-one and answer all questions raised by the client.

4. Signing of contract

If the client and the lawyer have reached a cooperation intention, the client signs our agreement.

5. Service plan

After the first consultation with an attorney, we will make an appointment with the client for a second consultation. With an in-depth analysis of the client's situation, we formulate the appropriate legal services for the client's situation. At the same time, the project manager will establish a personal file for the client, organise and track case progress, and maintain communication with the lawyer on the client's behalf, keeping pace with the growth of their case.

6. Apply

We will help the client submit all application materials. The deadline for each application is different, and we will follow up according to the client's case requirements.

7. Mock Interview

Before the interview, our lawyers will conduct two to three mock interviews with the client to help the client answer questions proficiently.

8. Waiting for the result of the application

When our clients are waiting for the result of the application, we continue to follow up on the progress of the case, providing regular updates along the way.

9. Other follow-up services

As required, we can provide more follow-up services, such as helping customers receive application results.

Why choose us?

The best migration teams

All the members of LH Global migration has achieved the relevant qualification, and monitored by government. We’ve helped lots of individuals and businesses obtain visas or challenge Home Office immigration decisions. Our migration team bring years of knowledge and experience to the table.

Rights of our client is our first priority

We work hard to understand our clients’ plans and objectives. Then we put together the right team, with the right mix of skills, languages and experience, to help our clients get to where they want to be as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

We do the right things

Our advisers are passionate about immigration law and bring enthusiasm and commitment to every case they work on. We care about our clients and always go the extra mile to ensure that everything is ‘just right’.

Successful cases

When our clients succeed, so do we. The trust placed in our teams is the best measure of the quality of our support

Mr. Huang (L1A visa)

Mr. Huang operates a materials company based in China (company name: Sansheng Group of Xiamen, China). At an international marble exhibition conference, Mr. Huang hired our company’s senior translators to do professional Chinese-English translation work at the exhibition. Mr. Huang was deeply impressed by our expert, fast, and accurate translation services.

After learning that our company also provides immigration services, Mr. Huang requested more details, offering some information about his personal situation. After analyzing his family situation, Roxolana Harasymiw, our senior transnational American immigration lawyer, suggested to Mr. Huang a suitable investment immigration program for his L1A to the green card.

After Mr. Huang successfully applied for an L1A visa, our education team also helped his son to apply for a US university. Two years later, Mr. Huang was able to apply for a US green card, and his dream of American immigration has come to reality!

James M. McClintick (EB-5)

Our immigration attorney James M. McClintick recently represented three EB-5 investors who had placed more than $1 million each in a large real estate development project near Chicago.

Just before construction, the project developer died suddenly and unexpectedly. After this occurred, USCIS issued a lengthy and complicated Request for Evidence (“RFE”) to each investor. These were significant setbacks that ordinarily, would have jeopardized the investors’ chances of getting a green card through their investment in the project.

Through our immigration attorney James’ careful and detailed response to each RFE, we were able to get all three investors’ EB-5 petitions approved. The investors are now on their way to receiving their green cards through consular processing.

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