Do You Love Travelling & Teaching?

With LH Global, You Can Teach English In China Stress-Free


LH Global emerged from the combination of China’s "Leader HR" and Australia’s "Global Enterprises Group". Two companies combined, provides a new chapter for the company.


With a merged amount of years between two leading migration firms, you can rest assured Leader HR will offer professional and efficient service.


LH Global is one of Australia's leading migration and education services firms, and Leader HR one of China's leading Human Resources and Recruitment firms.


Our global reach enables us to engage with companies in most regions around the world, securing your place for teaching in China.

Welcome to LH Global

Our company is a result of China’s “Leader HR” and Australia’s “Global Enterprises Group” officially combining in 2017 to provide a new chapter for the company.

Our Adelaide office is staffed by highly experienced and capable professionals who can assist you in securing your place to teach English around the world.

Teaching English In China

Do you want to go overseas on the ultimate travel experience while getting paid?

Through our company, you can teach English in China on the trip of a lifetime!

What could be better than teaching English to students, and in your spare time traveling throughout the country you’re in?

Be more than just a tourist and jump on board and experience something new while you’re still young and able!

Get in touch with us to see where you can teach English in China.

Are you ready to join us?

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