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Recruitment in United States

LH Global US recruitment team is to pursue the improvement of service quality continuously and to become an efficient headhunting team that allows customers and personal talents to trust and be satisfied.

Our team will serve North America as the primary market while expanding services to China, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The main reason why customers choose our services is that most of the management talents we recommend are international talents. The team of consultants guarantees the successful completion of each commissioned case. Our efficient service is a delightful experience for our customers.

LH Global US recruitment team have many years of experience in related industries and use the network relationships and system search methods established over many years to provide clients with many outstanding professional-managerial talents. Our customers trust our service, again and again, is the best recognition of our team.

We can offer you the following services

Short term vocational college training certifications (medical tech, CNA and art, etc)

Career guidance consultation service by fortune 500 recruiters

Professional recruitment research and resume preparation guidance

Why choose us?

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Talent quality is guaranteed

The talents we have selected are excellent graduates from various schools in the United States, and they all have rich experience in studying abroad and internships. Our selection of outstanding talents is carried out through various means such as quality assessment, performance verification, expert appraisal, and computer evaluation. Our team is determined to select the most suitable overseas elites for customers.

Professional HR team

We have recruitment consultants with extensive work experience in human resource management. Each member of our team offers you a highly personalized service. All applications are individually studied – not computer processed – to help us gain an impression of you as an individual as well as reading about your professional experience.

Shorter time and higher efficiency

For clients, adopting our service will reduce the workload of clients. We will help them find candidates that meet the requirements one by one and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of them. Excellent candidates will be directly referred to the HR department of the clients doing their final interview. This working mode greatly improves work efficiency.

Different operating models

We don't operate on a commission basis, instead we offer time-based profit share-ensuring candidates have access to a range of companies, so the right person is placed in the right job.

Successful cases

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Since arriving in West Lafayette in September 2018, Nicole has participated in job fairs organized by her school and applied for many large investment banks, fund companies, and other financial institutions online. But she did not get any response. Then Nicole received one or two interviews sporadically. However, because she did not fundamentally recognize the profound connotation of the interview question, she was continuously rejected, once thought that she would never pass the phone call interview.

During the through, one of her friends talked to her our company -LH Global US. Nicole made a phone call with our Counselor and found that our training targeted at her weaknesses—soft skills in job interviews: Communication skills, manners, leadership, and teamwork. In the following job search process, we conducted tailor-made counseling for her: First, we modified the CV and Cover letter to allow her to prepare application materials for different industries in a short time. Second, we tried her Weaknesses have carried out a full range of mock interviews, and continuously test Nicole's ability to play on the spot.

After our training, Nicole's applications were able to enter the first round of interviews (after the first round of resume screening and online test). In the first round of interviews, her pass rate maintained at 50%. Also, we are introducing a senior-level manager from CME to meet up her, so Nicole can continue to grow her network and help her find a job later. After Nicole got her dream, she thanked our recruitment team and especially thanked Carrie, David, Tommy, Phoebe, and Alley for their continuous encouragement throughout the job search process.

Are you ready to join us?

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