“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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LH Global is committed to the creation of an international outstanding talent ecosystem. From study abroad to headhunting, we know what kinds of skills employers need and we work with students to pass every hurdle.

LH Global's education team provides our students with professional career planning and full/part-time internship and employment opportunities here in the USA or in any of our other regions worldwide.

US universities/college application and enrollment assistance
English proficiency/placement testing and result analysis
Personal statement editing, organizing and guidance
Change/Transfer school advisory and admission consultation
Specialized summer camps (Christian and Military academies)
US School Detailed Introduction and Recommendation
One on one evaluation, mentoring and curriculum advisory
School Interview strategy forming and training
Private US high schools’ application and admission consulting

We can offer you the following services

Through K-12 to post-graduate degree programs, we are here to support you through all stages of your academic journey

U.S. Private High School Application

Project introduction:

Starting from high-quality US high-schools, take the first steps to entering the prestigious "Ivy" school! Our service ensures that students enter American private high schools with advanced facilities and complete facilities located in the Chicago area. And experience local American culture and style, be fully prepared for the future to become a high-quality composite talent with global awareness, international perspective, and comprehensive skills!

Target students:

Junior high to senior high school students; strong independent ability.

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

U.S. private high school contract schools:

  • St. Laurence High School
  • Brother Rice High School
  • Chicago Christian High School
  • Morgan Park Academy
  • Chicago Academy for the Arts
  • Chicago Waldorf School
  • St. Germaine School
  • St. Therese School

U.S. Private High School Application

Project advantages:

Experience American university life / Improve academic English, good grades can be easy to apply for undergraduate/graduate/campus environment security / educational consulting services throughout the entire process.

Target students:

Age 16 and above, want to study in the United States / No language grade / Unsatisfactory grade

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

Pass- bright program

Project introduction:

LH Global US established an American university undergraduate application program, which provides students with 360-degree services. The service includes school application consultation, school-search, document preparation, work experience program, interview training, admissions officer mock interviews, visa application and American living guides. We are more focused on the growth of students, with education guidance and career planning provided by senior professors of higher education.

Target students:

High school students or high school graduates

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

U.S. Graduate Admissions Application Program

Project description:

Our service include school application consultation, school selection, major selection, application document modification and improvement, personal experience preparation, school interview practice, visa application before admission, and American life guide. For the graduate enrolment program we work closely with American public schools to conditionally admit students with excellent academic but poor English scores. Our goal is to realise the dream of every student who aspires to receive higher education in the United States.

Target students:

College students or college graduates who plan to study graduate students in the United States

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

Partner institutions:

  • Oregon State University
  • Coloradd State University
  • George Mason University
  • Saint Louis University
  • Washington State University
  • Illinois State University
  • University of South Florida
  • Marshall University
  • Drew University
  • The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Suggolk University Boston

Chicago Top School Program

Project introduction:

Chicago is one of the most exciting, artistic, and architectural cities in the world. There are many universities around Chicago, including the University of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwest University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. LH Global US pays close attention to the development of well-known schools in Chicago, has established friendly relations with the admissions offices of various schools, obtained first-hand information, and helps students apply for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Target students:

High school students or high school graduates / Undergraduates or undergraduates

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

List of Top Ten schools in Chicago:

  • The University of Chicago
  • Northwestern University
  • Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
  • DePaul University
  • Loyola University
  • Columbia College
  • Chicago State University
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Illinois State University
  • Benedictine University
  • Dominican University

Private Professional training program

Project introduction:

This project serves general employees or managers from overseas, providing opportunities for short-term training, English language improvement for business needs and boosting effective management abilities. The Private Professional training program enables those who take it to experience first-hand different cultures and lifestyles.

Target students:

Professionals or senior managers

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

School Transfer application Program

Project introduction:

The School Transfer Application Program helps current college students complete their academic journey in an American university. The transfer can be from a university in China, Taiwan, a community college in the United States, or other region, to a prestigious American university. Our team provides students with the most comprehensive services to help improve their advantages and successfully obtain entry to their ideal university.

Target students:

College students (Chinese universities or foreign universities)

Program duration:

2-8 weeks or 1-3 semester

Service process

A walk-through of a typical student's application journey

1. Collect customer information

Before formulating the application plan, we ask students to fill out a customer survey form. This includes the personal information, academic background, work and internship background, honors obtained during school, and any other supporting documentation.

2. Customer follow-up

After assessing the student's background, we provide in-depth analysis reports and present a recommended strategy.

3. Signing contract

Once the student approves of our preliminary application strategy, we sign a contract with the student, clearly laying out our commitments.

4. Generate study plan

Based on the preliminary application strategy, we further explore the strengths of the student. We will arrange a meeting with the application teacher to analyse the student's paperwork and school selection plan point by point and give students three application options with different outcomes.

5. Submit applications

We complete all student applications half a month before the application deadline and the application teacher will submit all applications to the agreed institutes.

6. Visa application

After receiving the Office Letter (admission letter) of the institute(s), students can start to prepare for student visa applications. Our project leader will help students liaise with their designated immigration consultant, providing updates along the way.

7. Other follow-up services

After the student successfully arrived in the United States to enroll, our service is not over. The teacher in charge of the project will contact the local leader of Pilot International to provide students with free airport pick-up and city guide services.

Why choose us?

World Renowned Academy Reputation

The United States has one of the world’s most excellent university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. At the undergraduate level, unique programs exist in traditional disciplines, as well as in professional areas.

At the graduate level, students have the opportunity to work directly with some of the finest minds in their field of study, with the chance to become involved with exclusive research and educational opportunities.

Our Team

Our highly experienced team enables students to launch and progress their international studies effectively. Our consultants help a wide range of overseas applicants to enter top-tier private schools and universities. LH Global provides a one-to-one consultation service to support our clients to achieve their academic dreams in the US.

Successful cases

Our clients are our greatest champions. Read below to find out how we helped a student from China with weak English to gain offer letters from four world-class institutes.

Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is a Chinese student from Shanghai. He is currently a freshman undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Champaign. In high school his parents agreed to let him study abroad. In the beginning, his TOEFL score wasn't high enough, but his parents were persistent. They pushed Mr. Wang to persevere until he reached an excellent language score. He spent much time preparing to take the test and worried about missing the application deadline. Because his parents always wanted him to attend the top 100 ranked schools in the United States, he spent most of his energy on language preparation.

After our consultant communicated with Mr. Wang, he realized that academic transcripts also played an essential role in the process of applying for the school. In Mr. Wang's application, we highlighted his unique characteristics and successfully achieved offer letters from three of his chosen schools. During the application period, our education consultant found two volunteer experiences for Mr. Wang, expanded the supporting documents, and demonstrated Mr. Wang's strong interpersonal, social, and learning abilities.

With the efforts of our education team, Mr. Wang successively received offer letters from the State University of New York at Buffalo, the University of Ohio, the University of San Francisco, and the University of Illinois at Champaign. After discussing with his family, Mr. Wang chose the University of Illinois at Champaign to study statistics. Mr. Wang made a special visit to our company before starting school and expressed his thanks to our education consulting team.

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