Alex Hyo Chan Kim

  • Name: Alex Hyo Chan Kim
  • MARN: 1794321
  • Qualification: Master of Laws (LLM Candidate) in Migration Law, ANU College of Law; Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice (GCAMLP)
  • Language(s) spoken: English, Korean
  • Post: Education & Migration Consultant (Perth)
  • Areas of specialisation: Student Visas, Family and Partner Visas; Work and Skilled Visas; Consulting clients on career, study and employment options by obtaining and examining information relevant to their abilities and needs

Motto: Negativity leads at half time, positivity wins the game.

I am changing international education and Australian migration experience. My vision is to improve traditional international education and Australian migration experience by introducing value-added services, and a style of mentoring and coaching that puts the client first. I am an experienced and dynamic operation professional, and methodology-agnostic, who works with integrity and professionalism.