Miya Liao

  • Name: Miya Liao
  • Position: Senior Migration Consultant,1569880
  • Qualification: Murdoch University, Australia- Postgraduate Certificate of Migration Law The University of Adelaide-Master of Accounting and Finance Jilin University of Finance and Economics, China-Bachelor of Economics, International Business
  • Language(s) spoken: English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)
  • Post: Senior Migration Consultant (Perth)
  • Areas of specialisation: Investor visa, Employer Sponsored Visa, Family Visa (Partner, Child, Parents), Business Plan, International Investment advice etc.

Motto: To get the most comprehensive and practical solutions for your migration needs, please contact her for advice.

Miya is good at helping client to well plan migration pathway from the beginning, including but not limit to career planning, business planning and investment planning etc. She pays attention to details and has advanced time management skills as well as customer oriented communication skills. The distinguished way she managed the cases is favored by the consumers and enjoys great reputation in our industry.