Tracy Harford Lee (Rui Li)

  • Name: Tracy Harford Lee (Rui Li)
  • MARN: 1465818
  • Qualification: LLM (PRC) & LLM (HK)
  • Language(s) spoken: Mandarin & English & Sichuan Dialect
  • Post: Migration Consultant (Perth)
  • Areas of specialisation: Business Visa; Employer Sponsored Visa; Partner Visa; Student Visa; Skill Assessment etc.

A brief introduction of yourself: Tracy is an experienced and skilled registered migration agent (RMA) fluent in English, Mandarin and Sichuan Dialect. Prior to becoming a RMA, Tracy was a judge in the Supreme Court of Sichuan Province, PRC and has studied law in mainland China, Hong Kong, the USA, the EU and Australia.