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  • Name: DON WANG
  • MARN:
  • Qualification:
  • Language(s) spoken:
  • Post: General Manager (US)
  • Areas of specialisation:

DON previously managed two immigration offices in the Chicago locations for 10 years and started his immigration and international investment consulting business in 2015 with Shen Zhen office in China. He has extensive knowledge and project experience in the area of family, employment and investment-based immigration cases in the US. Don also collected high profile international business consulting experience throughout the years especially helping foreign companies to open business offices and develop their service operations in the United States. Don is also currently the chair of the Chicago China Club (CCC) and prestigious NPO organization in Chicago and Shanghai chapters. In addition, Don serves as the senior business consultant to the boards of FBA, UCIC and is working with Havard Business School Club (HBSC) for the executive global leadership program development. Prior to that, Don was a senior Global Logistics/Supply Chain Manager for the Fortune 100 company.

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