The LH Global Tours' original 8E concept includes 3Experiences and 5Extravagances that they offer to their clients. Their services include but are not limited to Australian customised themed business investigative tours, project acquisition tours, leadership development tours and international study tours. They also customise special and exclusive tours for their clients.

Australia – New Zealand Customised Themed Business Investigative Tours

Are you a successful Chinese business that requires overseas partners to take your business to the next level? Are you in need of acquiring product or accessing the Aus / NZ market? If this is you, then LH Global (领航跨国)’s customised themed business investigative tour service is for you.

We take the time to understand your business, what you are looking for, and arrange for customised and related visitations to businesses and government departments in Australia and New Zealand. Whether it is purchasing raw materials for export back to China, finding buyers for your products or finding partners to grow your business; our experienced and professional team will make our themed business investigative tours can help you.

Project Acquisition Tours

Are you looking to make an investment in Australia or New Zealand and need help deciding on the right project for you? LH Global’s team has experience in advising clients on a range of business activities including import / export, property development & construction, wholesale, mining and resources, professional and technical services and more.

We assist with a whole range of advisory services, including commercial due diligence, liaising with legal, taxation and financial services firms to ensure your investment project has the greatest chance of success, and decrease investment risk.

Leadership Development Tours

If you are a growing entrepreneur, chances are you need exposure to what is happening in other parts of the world. LH Global’s Leadership Development tours empower you, whilst conducting investigative tours of Australia / NZ, to attend language courses, cross-cultural training, western corporate governance practice training and more. Don’t think this is comprehensive enough for you? Our experienced team can customise something for you or your group to ensure you return to China a more seasoned executive.

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