Since the introduction of the TSS visa in March 2018, the Department of Home Affairs gradually introduced changes relating to Labour Market Testing (LMT), with the aim to provide a more transparent process.

If you lodged your Nomination on or after 18 June 2018, there are new arrangements in place:

  • LMT is required for all nominations unless International Trade Obligations apply. There are no more exemptions based on the level of the nominated occupation
  • LMT must have been undertaken within the six months prior to lodging a nomination

However, LMT requirements are far more complex than it seems at first sight. The criteria for acceptable LMT refers to sufficient coverage, duration of the testing, the content of the advertising and outcome of such recruitment efforts.

Meeting LMT requirements is increasingly more vital for the success of your application, hence keeping abreast of constant Government changes is a must. Contact us for further information.