Foreign businesses are often faced with the same questions when seeking to enter the China market. Questions such as ‘what do I do about staffing and hiring in China?’ Or, ‘I want to have a presence in China, but do I need to set up a company to have a presence there?’, or ‘I don’t know how to manage my China employees’ social security; are there companies offering payrolling services in China?’

Through LH Global; the international brand of Chinese Human Resources giant “Leader HR“ (领航人才),you have all the help you need at your disposal.

As a Chinese born-and-bred Human Resources consulting services firm, Leader HR has a range of products and services available for MNCs in China.


Preparation to China

LeaderHR believes flexible employment solutions offer the greatest benefit to our clients by allowing them to mitigate human resource risks that can arise in today’s volatile business environment. LeaderHR takes the role of employer of record, which means we are responsible for the staff member for their term of service in a particular role. LeaderHR aims at providing a flexible offering around the recruitment, employment and employee management, whether short or long term.

Case Study

LeaderHR was appointed to execute the deployment and management of more than 100 promoters working in more than 60 outlets across 16 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan, Nantong, Wuxi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Changsha, Guizhou and Wuhan.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Taking all our clients recruitment needs in hand, LeaderHR provides clients with a suite of recruitment process solutions. Recruitment solutions can be tailored specifically to address the talent and staffing issues facing the client’s business. From building a talent pool, creating an optimized recruitment process and implementing an employer branding strategy, clients can opt for a complete package or choose specific components. Each aspect of the recruitment process is evaluated and tuned to ensure it produces the optimal outcome.

Case Study

Our Client, is an IT Network service company responsible for the design, construction, management and operation of a local Cable TV network. In the middle of 2018, the company undertook a reroganisation which resulted in the merging of three networks. To service the combined networks, the service department was required to expand and enhance its decentralised technical and service capabilities. LeaderHR was approached to recruit engineers and customer service technicians to work across the branch office network.

Employment Position Outsourcing

The client outsources human resource intensive non-core functions to an external agent, which takes full responsibility for managing the availability of trained resources who are to be deployed according to needs. Operating to a matrix of agreed KPI’s, service standards, operating parameters and business processes are all maintained as industry benchmarks. The value add to the competitive value to the client is gained from both an efficiency and quality perspective.

Case Study

Our client is a provincial bank operating in the increasing sophisticated banking sector. Banking customers have increasing expectation for high-quality customer service, which has resulted in many of the state owned and provincial banks to consider their lobby operations as an essential element in their client attraction and retention strategy. As the first point of contact for customers, the lobby team plays an important role in making a strong first impression. The lobby is the first point of contact which tends to leave a lasting impression with customers.


  1. Short-term Promotion
    • New products promotion
    • Festival and holiday promotion
    • Staged flexible promotion
    • Weekend promotion
  2. Long-term Promotion
    • Sales target achievements
    • Product management
    • Sales research and reports
    • Onsite customer relationship
  3. Cosmetics BA
    • Shop image design
    • BA Recruitment training
    • Store revenue enhancement
    • BA HR management
    • Customer development & maintenance
  4. Mystery Shoppers
    • Questionnaire design
    • Mystery shoppers deployment & training
    • Succession management
    • Questionnaire recycling & analysis
    • Survey analysis, sorting & suggestions